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Why is it necessary to Compare Auto Insurance quotes Policies?

  • car insurance comparisionIt’s required to compare the auto insurance quotes policies as it can certainly save a considerable amount of money and offer you better coverage options. However, comparing the policies manually can be a daunting task. Policy Bazaar helps it be easier than you think for you. Once you compare quotes here you are able to save upto 55% on auto insurance premiums along with getting add-ons like riders and benefits on your own plan. Make an educated purchase. Compare online and know your auto insurance plan properly before buying.

Shortlist the Requirement for Your Coverage:

Before digging into comparing different auto insurance plans, ascertain the kind of coverage you need. An obligation policy is inexpensive compared to the comprehensive auto insurance coverage but only if you should be willing to compromise on some benefits since the facilities offered by the later is the better undoubtedly.

Compared the coverage Option:

The coverage offered in liability policy differs from the comprehensive policy. While liability plan only covers third party liability, the comprehensive one covers you for the damages to the automobile and the master which is called as Personal Accident Cover. The limit varies from plans to plan. Moreover, additional add-on benefits will also be offered by some auto insurance plans. So, it’s necessary to test and compare this trait to choose the non-public accidental cover combined with additional coverage, if any underneath the same auto insurance plan.

Compare the Insured Declare Value:

The varied rate of IDV’s reflects different rates of premiums. Insured Declared Value, abbreviated as IDV, is the current value of the vehicle after being adjusted for appropriate reduction. The rate of depreciation depends upon age your car. Older the vehicle, higher will be the depreciation and lowered will be your IDV. And it affects the Sum Assured. Hence, compare the IDV quoted offered by different car insurance plans is a must.

Compare Insurer’s Claim Settlement Practice:

Claim settlement is the absolute most crucial part of an insurance policy. Every buyer expects a straight forward claim process and easiness of any car insurance coverage which he’s likely to invest in. Each insurance company has its own procedure. Hereby, it is essential to compare the claim settlement process of every auto insurance plan which is in your preference list to find out which type of rules best suits you and would enable a quicker claim settlement.

What is not covered in Car Insurance?

Following features are generally not covered in car insurance:

  1. Loss or damage if a policy is not in force.
  2. Gradual wear and tear of car and its parts.
  3. Loss or damage to vehicle when driven by person without a valid driving license.
  4. Damage to vehicle as a result of intoxication due to drugs, alcohol etc.
  5. Loss or damage to engine as a result of oil leakage.
  6. Damage to vehicle as a result of abuse of car manufacturer’s guidelines.

Increase Covers along with your Motor Insurance/Car Insurance coverage

A Motor Insurance/Car Insurance coverage is complete once it exceeds the satisfaction of providing security and reassurance, which explains why we’ve introduced add-on covers that’ll be of good use when you have been in a crisis situation.

  • 24×7 Spot Assistance
    This can be a Pan-India cover for car insurance policyholders who need assistance while on the road. Including providing service for emergencies such as for instance repair of flat tyre, jump start for car battery, legal services in case there is an incident and many more.
  • Lock and key replacement cover
    In case of an irrecoverable loss in keys or a protection risk arising out of a loss in exactly the same, you will soon be indemnified for the price incurred in fitting or purchasing new locks or replacement of keys of the insured vehicle
  • Accident Shield 
    Compensations will soon be designed for total permanent disability or death of occupants (other than a settled driver), which arises out of bodily injury as a result of an incident that occurs while they’re traveling in the insured car
  • Consumable Expenses 
    Cost of consumables such as for instance Engine oil, Gear box oil, Power steering oil, coolant, AC gas oil, Brake oil, etc. that could be incurred while replacing/replenishing the damaged vehicle, following an incident, will soon be included in our Car Insurance/Motor insurance policy
  • Conveyance benefit 
    If the insured car is in a workshop following accidental damage and the claim for exactly the same is accepted, the insured would get yourself a’each day’cash benefit, according to the master plan opted by the insured
  • Personal baggage
    The Insured is indemnified in case there is any loss or damage caused to his/her personal baggage kept inside their insured vehicle.